BLOG TOUR- The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to Izzy @HQStories for my copy and place on the tour.


Librarian Martha Storm has always found it easier to connect with books than people, though not for lack of trying. She keeps careful lists of how to help others in her notebook. And yet, sometimes it feels like she’s invisible.

All of that changes when a mysterious book arrives on her doorstep. Inside, Martha finds a dedication written to her by her grandmother Zelda, who died under mysterious circumstances years earlier. When Martha discovers a clue within the book that her grandmother may still be alive, she becomes determined to discover the truth. As she delves deeper into Zelda’s past, she unwittingly reveals a family secret that will change her life forever.

My Review

This is a delightful little book on family relationships with a sweet little mystery at its centre.

Martha is a people pleaser who just can’t say no. After years spent caring for her parents and the subsequent loss of them both, Martha is struggling with her identity.

Her father was controlling and her mother very much the subservient housewife but her grandmother Zelda was a wilful rebellious force who encouraged Martha’s creative side ( a vision always dressed in turquoise) she was a very big influence on a young Martha.

I loved the very real characters of this book and the whimsical story of the book of fairytales and the mystery behind its appearance. But the real joy for me was the fairytale inclusions scattered throughout the story. They really brought added depth and charm.

About the Author

Phaedra Patrick studied art and marketing and has worked as a stained glass artist, film festival organiser and communications manager. Her short stories have won competitions run by Penguin and Darley Anderson and she now writes full time. She lives in Saddleworth with her husband and son.

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