BLOG TOUR – Good Girls by Amanda Brookfield

Thank you to Megan at Boldwood Books for my e-copy and place on the tour. All opinions are honest and my own.


Everyone that meets Kat Keating is mesmerised. Beautiful, smart and charming, she is everything a good girl should be.

Her sister Eleanor, on the other hand, knows she can’t compete with Kat. On the awkward side of tall, clever enough to be bullied, and full of the responsibilities only an older sibling can understand, Eleanor grows up knowing she’s not a good girl.

This is the story of the Keating sisters – through a childhood fraught with secrets, adolescent rivalries, and on into adulthood with all its complexities and misunderstandings.  Until a terrible truth brings the sisters crashing together and finally Eleanor begins to uncover just how good Kat really was.

My Review

This has been a difficult review to write. Whilst I didn’t hate this book I didn’t love it either. I had a touch of confusion over the genre of this book and I’m still not entirely sure which I would categorise it as.

There were things I genuinely enjoyed, the characters although not likeable are very real and flawed. I just wish the one character who was the little bright spark of this book hadn’t committed suicide.

I normally like religious aspects, but this felt more like being preached at in a sermon reading than a religious take which can be done well. For example The testament of Gideon Mack, The Shack and more recently Little Siberia.

I have always prided myself on my wide range of vocabulary but this made me feel uneducated and a bit dim . I think a thesaurus was used heavily and the over use of the word insouciance at the start drove me bonkers.

I hate being negative as I’m normally such a positive person who loves raving about the books I read. But unfortunately this just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I think this would be enjoyed more by readers who love family drama and sibling rivalry.

About the author

From The Cat in The Hat onwards I was mad about reading. I studied English at uni and then got a job in advertising. Seeking adventure, I went to Argentina to work as a freelance journalist and that’s when I wrote my first book, ALICE ALONE. Since then I have produced fifteen more novels, loads of short stories, as well as two glorious sons.

Writing is like a life-long disease – you can’t ever shake it off even if some days you might want to. My memoir, FOR THE LOVE OF A DOG, arose out of a traumatic time in my personal life. I lost two people I loved and hit a wall. A Golden Doodle puppy helped me back on me feet, as did writing about the experience. Making sense of the chaos around us is such a comfort and the reason I am a storyteller. 

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