BLOG TOUR – Mummy’s boy by J A Andrews

Thank you to Sarah @BOTBSPublicity for my place on the tour and to @HeraBooks for my gifted ebook via Netgalley. All opinions are honest and my own.


No one can love a son like his mother…

Patricia Mullner is trapped in a nightmare no parent should ever experience. Three years ago, 17-year-old son Andrew vanished without trace. There was no note, no goodbye and no body has ever been found, and now her days are spent in a fog of heartache and alcohol, crying to husband Thomas about their lost boy.

But Patricia is more than just a grieving mother, and as Andrew’s disappearance starts to unravel the perfect family she’s built with Thomas, it seems that the actions of her past may be back to haunt her.

Because someone is watching from the shadows – someone who knows exactly what Patricia is hiding. Someone who will stop at nothing to take revenge – and might just hold the key to Andrew’s disappearance…

My Review

Starting with the scene of the birth and the love that pours out of Patricia towards her newborn son you would think she would make the perfect mother. Don’t let that fool you as she soon begins the alcohol fuelled road to self destruction, it always starts with just one to take the edge off. At seventeen Andrew vanishes and with no note or body we are helpless to watch as Patricia unravels before our very eyes. This book is not just a thriller it is a very character driven book showing the collapse of a person who has made their child their life’s obsession and what happens when they are gone.

Told from the perspectives of the mother, father and the watcher, we learn there are many secrets at play behind Andrew’s disappearance. This is one dark read covering many sensitive subjects but the tension is palpable as each secret is revealed.

I loved the character of the watcher and her narration was by far my favourite. Who is she? How does she know so much about this family? So much to be revealed and trust me you will keep reading until you get the answers behind the mystery.

With some great twists and a few clues scattered throughout this is a great debut and I look forward to his next book.

About the author

JA Andrews is an author of dark psychological thrillers with books published by Hera. Mummy’s Boy, the 2020 debut, is available to buy now.

Also a member of the Crime Writers Association, and can be found online in a few places:

Twitter: @JasonA1980

Link to buy

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