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Thank you to Sarah @bookouture for my place on the tour and ebook via NetGalley in exchange for review. All opinions are honest and my own.


Two single thirty-year-olds. One marriage pact. And a night in Vegas that’s about to change everything…

On Christmas Eve eight years ago Evie and Dan made a pact: if they weren’t married by thirty, they were going to marry each other. Of course, neither of them took it seriously, even if Dan has always been mesmerised by Evie’s beautiful smile, and Evie has always fancied Dan, her best-friend’s brother.

But then “it” happens. They wake up on Christmas Eve, the night before Evie’s thirtieth birthday in Vegas… married. In a honeymoon suite filled with hundreds of heart-shaped pillows, they realise too late what they’ve done – just like Ross and Rachel.

Surely if they just get a quickie divorce, they can go back to the way things used to be, right? If it wasn’t for the alcohol and Susan-with-the-huge-beehive-hairdo who just wouldn’t take no for an answer, none of this would have happened. They can just go back to being friends.

Except moving on is easier said than done when you’ve secretly loved each other forever… but if one of them doesn’t admit that, what happens to their friendship? If they don’t get together this time, what happens to the pact? Are they really ready to let it go for good?

Fall in love this Christmas with this feel-good story about love and second chances. Fans of One Day in December, This Time Next Year and Beth O’Leary will adore The Mistletoe Pact.

My Review

Anyone that knows me well, knows of my love of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Yes they are schmaltzy and predictable but they are also warm and comforting and you know the girl will get the boy or vice versa. This book played out like one of those movies, miscommunications, funny moments and yet the only thing really missing was the most wonderful time of the year. It just needed more Christmas to really be a Christmas book.

It starts with Evie waking up severely hung over in a room so pink I thought it belonged to a seven year old girl. But it turns out it’s a Las Vegas honeymoon suite and her long term friend Dan is asleep beside her in the bed. It then goes back in time to a Christmas party and Evie’s potential date ending up with her own mum. With her best friend’s brother Dan walking her home after the party they share a kiss and make a mistletoe pact that they will marry each other if they are not settled once they hit thirty.

I really liked the chemistry between Evie and Dan but boy did I want to bang their heads together. They can’t see the wood for the trees these two. They are so vividly written that I instantly pictured Eddie Redmayne and Alia Shawkat. They are an easy pair to root for and for me that’s the real crux of the book.

So if you want a sweet easy read with a little Christmas, a will they or won’t they and some lovely supportive characters. (Evie’s mum is fabulous, you go girl!). Then I recommend you give this a read.

About the author

Jo Lovett lives in London with her family.

She worked in Corporate Tax before taking a longer-than-expected career break to have more-than-expected children (five). She started writing romantic comedy when she realised that she was regularly begging her oldest son to let her do his English homework but she wasn’t actually that interested in haunted houses or Macbeth.

Jo was runner-up in the Good Housekeeping/ Orion First Novel Competition 2018 and shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Award 2019.

When she can escape from her laundry mountain and childcare, she enjoys reading, tennis and wine.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Tour – The Mistletoe Pact by Jo Lovett”

  1. I used to love Hallmark Christmas movies too! I haven’t had as much time to enjoy them anymore but I understand exactly what you mean about predictability. They are comfort watches for me. 😁 The book sounds too cute! I love that you can already picture who the characters would be.

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