Buddy read – There’s someone inside your house by Stephanie Perkins


There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins will have you swooning with fear and romance. The perfect page-turner for fans of Scream QueensFear Street and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Soon to be a major Netflix Film for Halloween 2021, from the producers of Stranger Things.

After a mysterious move from Hawaii to a new school in small town Nebraska, Makani Young and the rest of her class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets. 

As one by one the students of her new high school begin to die in a series of gruesome murders, Makani doesn’t know who’s next on the list . . . and her own secrets from the past to keep. Between this and her scorching relationship with the school misfit, this school year may turn out to be one to die for . . . literally.

My Review

I did this as a buddy read with the lovely Gemma over at http://betweenthepagesbookclub.blog/ We both wanted to read it before it hit Netflix and although we finished the book in September I was holding off my review until I had watched the film too so I could compare.

Starting with the book, it’s a really good ya slasher thriller. The tension is built well and it has a sinister edge as the killer messes with his victims heads by moving stuff around and wearing a mask of their own face while he kills them. The killing is graphic and brutal and I loved every single death, morbid girl that I am, it actually was quite fun and the deaths very inventive.

Makani the protagonist was likeable and that is testament to the author as I normally can’t stand teenage girls in books. I also liked Ollie and her group of friends but I did find the stereotypes a bit lazy if I’m honest. Although saying that I’m pretty sure you will find them in all high schools, so maybe it is more realistic.

This was a fast paced gripping read right till the end, then we both felt it fell flat and were a little disappointed. It was so close to 5 stars but I ended up giving it four.

Then I watched the film……

Now I personally suggest you pick one, read the book or watch the movie but don’t do both. They changed everything, which I suppose is great as at least I was still surprised and didn’t know what was coming. But I just ended up messaging Gemma saying wt actual f as the kills were different, Zac looked more like Ollie and vice versa and even the murderer and the motive was changed. Makani’s secret was slightly changed and it felt a little like I had entered the Twilight Zone where up was down and down was up. If I hadn’t read the book the film would have been a 4 star but this was definitely a case of the book was better so it gets 3.

About the author

Stephanie Perkins is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author. She has always worked with books–first as a bookseller, then as a librarian, and now as a novelist. She and her husband live in the mountains of North Carolina. Every room of their house is painted a different color of the rainbow.

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