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Thanks to Noelle @bookouture for my place on the tour and to the author for my gifted paperback. All opinions are honest and my own.


Morgan shudders as she leans out of the window and takes in the familiar blonde curls and clear blue eyes of the fallen girl below. She knows this woman, and she realises with sickening certainty that her friend is now gone forever…

When Detective Morgan Brookes is called to the scene of a suicide, she’s devastated to recognise the young teacher sprawled out on the grass like a broken doll. She hasn’t seen Brittany for years. Not since the tragic death of Morgan’s high-school boyfriend ripped their friendship group apart. But when witnesses describe Brittany’s erratic behaviour and jumbled speech that morning, Morgan is convinced the fearless, life-loving girl she once knew didn’t jump of her own accord.

Traces of poison found in Brittany’s blood prove Morgan’s theory right, but no one can find the source. Then Morgan uncovers a distinctive jar in Brittany’s home filled with toxic herbs, and the sight of it turns her blood to ice. She has a jar just like it, a handmade gift from her aunt. Is this a coincidence, a set-up, or could the only person she’s ever trusted with her damaged past be capable of murder?

Then another woman from Morgan’s past is found, close to the scene of that fatal teenage party. Has Morgan been looking at this all wrong? Are these deaths connected to that deadly night? And how could someone from her own family possibly be involved?

With her aunt’s freedom and more innocent lives at stake, Morgan must dig deep into her painful memories for answers. Who else was there that night, and what exactly did they see? She must stop this twisted killer before any more of her old friends become new victims – but at what cost?

An absolutely heart-stopping and unputdownable crime thriller, perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Lisa Regan and Rachel Abbott.

My Review

You will have to excuse what is now going to be a complete gush fest over this book (sorry not sorry).

I love Detective Morgan Brookes and while this is a standalone story read from book 1 people as the whole series is just bloody fantastic. Morgan is yet again facing murders a little too close to home and feeling like she should change her name to Officer Death. This time it’s Brittany, an old friend from school who they didn’t quite get to in time before she threw herself out of a window at the primary school, where she worked as a teacher. To make matters worse when Morgan and her boss Ben went to inform Brittany’s father he dropped down dead from a heart attack.

Before you know it the bodies start multiplying and Morgan could give Jessica Fletcher a run for her money, as all the victims are well known to her and seem to be connected to an incident from years ago. With the victims all acting strange before their deaths it seems Morgan’s long lost Aunt and her herbal tea remedies could be to blame. It’s up to Morgan to prove her innocence but that could end up putting her in danger’s path AGAIN!

With the aunt’s pet Raven, her herbs and the police assuming guilt, the author cleverly made it into a witch hunt and with Halloween just around the corner it couldn’t have been more perfect. I agree with Amy what an absolute legend.

It was great to have all the regulars back including Declan the pathologist and with poisoning being suspected he finally gets the chance to really shine and have his own little Scooby Doo moment.

I really don’t want this series to end and I’m hoping that as Ben has messed up there is plenty more yet to come. I want them so badly to get together but I also dread the day they do in case it brings closure for both Morgan and the books.

About the author

Helen Phifer’s love of reading began with Enid Blyton, before progressing on to Laura Ingals Wilder and scaring herself with Stephen King. If she can’t write for any particular reason she finds herself getting itchy fingers and really irritable. She loves reading as much as writing and is also very fond of chocolate, Prosecco, The Lake District, New York, white Zinfandel wine, her children and grandchildren, her friends, porn star martini cocktails, Stephen King, watching scary films, Marilyn Monroe, Melissa McCarthy, Idris Elba, Simon Baker, Spandau Ballet, The Munsters and coffee. In no particular order.

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