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Thank you to @HQstories for my place on the tour and gifted hardback. All opinions are honest and my own.


To save their life, you have to play.

Across the globe, five strangers receive a horrifying message from an unknown number.


To save them, each must play The Game – a sinister unknown entity that has a single rule: there can only be one winner.


But what is The Game – and why have they been chosen?

There’s only one thing each of them knows for sure: they’ll do anything to win…


My Review

This book should have been so good. I loved The Players by Darren O’Sullivan which was released last year and I thought this would be a more international version of that. It was international, well to a certain extent, but that is where the comparison ends. Where The Players was a breath snatcher of a thriller this was a jumbled mess.

Short chapters flitting between the characters meant I never really took to one before it had jumped to the next. Not that I would have taken to them anyway as they are all pretty horrible. There’s a vein of every phobe running through this lot. Homophobe, fatphobe and the way that women are portrayed was just yuck.

As if keeping track of the five players wasn’t hard enough the author also throws in all their acquaintances too just to make keeping track of who was who even more difficult.

So we have players Brett, Noah, Sarah, Linda and Maggie. Why have they been chosen? They seemingly have nothing in common except they are all out to save their loved ones and there can only be one winner. Now this aspect I liked as it certainly raised the stakes and I was hoping it would also dwindle down the perspectives and make it easier to read. The chapters are short so the pace is fast but I personally felt this actually did the book a disservice as a character driven book needs to give the reader time to bond with them. It needs to find a middle ground.

The game itself took forever to get going with them taking way too many pages to even get to the location. Once it started and it was revealed why they were there, which to be fair was blatantly obvious in how they were written, I was by then hoping that most of them would meet a nasty death.

I know this is a debut and I have been pretty disparaging but this is only my opinion and to be fair it has good bones it just needs fleshing out and the skin ironing of it’s wrinkles. Some scenes were brutal and well written but after I had finished it I was left with plot holes, a few loose ends and the feeling that by the end even the author had given up playing.

About the author

Scott Kershaw lives in Lincolnshire, in a Victorian cottage that was formerly ruled by mice. He likes the crackle of vinyl, the smell of paperbacks, the taste of a stiff drink and the view from a front row barrier. He’s getting too old and heavy for crowd-surfing, but that rarely stops him from trying. His first real love was cinema. His beagle, Darwin, is the one true king of dogs. As a child, Scott believed in monsters. Sometimes he still does. The Game is his debut thriller.

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