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My sister is missing. And the police think I’m to blame.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I do love my sister Cece. She’s confident and free-spirited in a way I never am. And while she’s living her life to the full and posting it all over social media, I’m having early nights in my tiny New York apartment.

I didn’t mean to keep her a secret from my boyfriend, Bradley. But when he found out about her and I caught him scrolling through her pictures online, I knew I had to act before she ruined my life once again.

When the police come knocking at my door, I instantly regret wishing Cece would leave my life for good.

I didn’t want her to vanish forever, did I?

If you enjoy gripping psychological thrillers like The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Wife Between Us, you will love this totally addictive novel from a USA Today bestselling author.

My Review

I have been fascinated by mirror twins since reading Her fearful symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Here the author takes twins that are mirror images in looks but their personalities couldn’t be more different. But what happens when a man comes between two young women who have only ever had each other?

The book starts with Sara being questioned by detectives over the disappearance of her sister Cecelia/Cece and then goes back and forth. Switching between first and third person with multiple narrators including neighbour Mrs Scott, Bradley and an unknown narrator known only as The Watcher. If this sounds confusing don’t worry as the author is an absolute pro and makes each voice so distinct it’s really easy to follow.

The main narrator is Sara, she is the essence of all that is pure and good. A creative soul living in New York and caring for a disabled dog. She is slow to trust and open up and has avoided any romantic connections but then she meets Bradley…,

When something seems too good to be true then it normally is. Bradley is good looking, exceedingly affluent and besotted with Sara. But appearances can be deceptive and deception is the absolute core of this book. Nobody is who they appear to be and this is one twisted, mind messing read that is so intriguing you have to know. Who is good? Who is bad? What really happened?

I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s last book but this is something else entirely. You might even think you have worked it out with little clues left along the way, but you haven’t. The characters are all so interesting that a psychologist would have an absolute field day with any one of them on their couch. This is a first-rate thriller and a master class on duplicity and trickery and one I would highly recommend.

About the author

Arianne Richmonde is a half British, half American, USA TODAY bestselling author, who lives in France with her husband and four-legged family. Surrounded by vineyards and sunflower fields in an old stone farmhouse they restored, she fills her days creating twisty novels full of suspense and intrigue. When she isn’t writing she loves to travel, especially to warm, exotic countries, all in the name of research. She used to be an actress so likes nothing more than to immerse herself in the minds and lives of her characters.

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